Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Haul: Real Techniques Brushes

My Real Techniques brushes have arrived...
I'm so excited to receive these in the mail as I've wanted them for ages! My other makeup brushes are predominately MAC with a few Laura Mercier and Eco Tools brushes. I've read and watched great reviews about these and I wanted to try out some synthetic brushes for applying foundation and cream products. 

I ordered the Core Collection, Stippling Brush, Blush Brush and Powder Brush.

Core Collection:
I ordered the Core Collection specifically so I could get the Buffing Brush, which is only available in this set. It also comes with a Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and Contour Brush. $17.99 

Stippling Brush:
The Stippling Brush has received great reviews online. I'll try this brush for applying foundation and cream blushes. The bristles are quite firm, so I'm excited to see how this works. $9.99

Blush Brush: 
This is quite large for a blush brush and could even be used to apply powder all over the face. However, due to its size it should make blending blush very simple. $8.99

Powder Brush:
This powder brush is really big! It is similar in width to my MAC 150 brush but it has more bristles. This should make applying powder all over the face really quick and easy. I'll also give this a try for bronzer and see how it works. $9.99

Overall, I'm happy with these brushes. They are extremely soft and feel like they are good quality. I'm happy with the price of these brushes, they are very affordable and I was able to find them easily online with affordable shipping. 

I like how the handles are labelled with the name of the brush, making them easy to identify. The handles are also colour coordinated. The gold handles represent a brush that is for applying a base, and the pink handles are finishing brushes. There are also eye brushes which have purple handles. 

What I found disappointing was that you can't purchase all the brushes individually as I really only wanted the Buffer Brush but had to pay $17.99 for the set of Core Collection brushes. 

Also, brushes sold in a set come with a stand/case included. Although this might be useful for some, I don't think I will use it and would prefer a lower price for the set without the case.

I ordered these from as they offer cheap international shipping. You can use the code FIX325 to get $5 off your first order, which is a great deal. 

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? What do you think of them?


  1. I can't wait to see what you think of the Core collection! I agree, it's a bit annoying it only comes in the set, and I also don't use my stand thing, it just went straight in the drawer, while the brushes joined my brush roll!

    I love my eye collection brushes and also the kabuki, it's so versatile (not to mention adorable).

    MM (aka Coconal from BH)

    1. The Buffing Brush is my favourite in the core collection. I think the contour brush is also nice! The pointed foundation brush is quite small - it would take a while to apply foundation to your whole face with this brush. The detailer brush is very small and dense - I think it will work great for lipsticks. Still, if you could buy the buffing brush separately I wouldn't have purchased the others if I had a choice.

      I don't think I'll use the stand either!

      The eye brushes and kabuki look really good too - I'm glad you like them!